“Meatloaf” from “Tom Kerridge’s Best Ever Dishes”

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAMaureen: I thought this would please everyone. Meatloaf!

Tim: I thought there was supposed to be onion rings with this recipe.

Maureen: Technically, yes. But when I saw in the ingredient list that I needed my own pickle liquor, I opted out.

Tim: That’s too bad.

Maureen: So says you, who wouldn’t have to make the pickle liquor. I think what this cookbook wants to do is elevate the every day dishes, but that’s just never going to happen if I need to make pickle liquor first. What do you think of this?

Tim: It’s very spicy.

Maureen: That would be all the tabasco. It really gives it a kick.

Nicholas (11): I don’t like it. It’s too spicy for me.

Andrew (15): It’s good, but I like our regular meatloaf more.

Maureen: I like that it’s different, and I also like the spiciness, but I’m not sure it’s a lot better than our usual meatloaf.

Tim: Was it difficult to make?

Maureen: Well, no, but that’s also because I didn’t exactly follow the recipe. I had already committed to making it when I started reading the directions, so I saw that I had to mix the meat together the night before and have it sit for a day. I didn’t do that. I also didn’t allow the meatloaf to rest in the refrigerator for an hour before cooking it, like the recipe said, because I also discovered that direction too late.

Tim: I think the ingredients needed more time to coalesce.

Maureen: You have got to be kidding me.

Tim: I am.

Maureen: It might have made it better, but it wouldn’t have made it 1000 times better. Should I make this again?

Nicholas: I think you should make our usual meatloaf the next time.

Andrew: I agree.




“Meatloaf” from “Tom Kerridge’s Best Ever Dishes”

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