“Jamie’s Comfort Food” – Our Verdict

Maureen: Well. I have to say this is his best book in a long time. But that’s not saying much as the last three books were terrible.

Kirstin: I have to agree with you, Maureen. But it still wasn’t very inspiring.

Maureen: As Tim described it, it looks interesting but is totally superfluous, which I thought was a good description of the book.

Kirstin: I think he’s trying to do the whole slow food thing because none of the recipes were tried were particularly quick but also they weren’t worth the effort.

Maureen: I think it was mixed. I really loved some of the recipes, which were really, really good. The curry was amazing!

Kirstin: Yes, that’s true. That was a good recipe. Would I make it again though? Not sure. Also I kept seeing the marinate for two hours much too late in the day. So if you’re going to use this book make sure you check if it needs marinating.

Maureen: I agree. A lot of them were marinate or this takes 8 hours of resting. They were definitely weekend recipes.

Kirstin: That’s exactly right.

“Jamie’s Comfort Food”
Overall Grade (A- F): Kirstin C. Maureen: C. Better than his recent efforts but still just an average book.
Best recipes: Kirstin: Prawn curry pot noodle. Maureen: Super Schnitzel.
Grade for Photography (A-F): B. There was way too much padding and way too many pictures of Jamie. I wasn’t very keen on the paper quality, but I know that is just me.
Any disasters? Maureen: Yes! The gnudi were an utter disaster.
Bookshelf or Charity Shop Donation? Low rotation bookshelf.

“Jamie’s Comfort Food” – Our Verdict

2 thoughts on ““Jamie’s Comfort Food” – Our Verdict

  1. Maureen Stapleton says:

    I am a big fan of his early books, before he got on the whole, “One Book For Every Christmas” merry-go-round. My favourite of those early ones probably is “Return of the Naked Chef”. There are several recipes in there that I’ve made time and time again, and it still sits on my high-rotation cookbook shelf.

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