“Black Cod” from “Jamie’s Comfort Food”

Processed with VSCOcam with s2 preset

Ella: I don’t really like it that much. I have this strong belief that cod should only really be used in fish and chips.

Kirstin: But you don’t eat it then either!

Ella: I do. I just don’t like beer batter.

Tom: Oh Cod! Is this the wrong plaice for cod?

Miles: I think it will taste better when mixed up with the rice.

Tom: I know what you mean Miles. I like it, but there is a high bar for black cod because we have had it at Yank Sing in San Francisco, and at Nobu and where else? Bond street?

Kirstin: Do you think Bond Street still even exists? That black cod was sensational.

Tom: That said, this is very nice.

Kirstin: We have a special salad to go with ours Tom.

Tom: It has the odd chilli in it, right?

Kirstin: Indeed. Would you like some more rice there Tom? You look like you just ate a single chilli. So, should I make this again everyone?

Everyone: NO!

“Black Cod” from “Jamie’s Comfort Food”

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