“Super Schnitzel” from “Jamie’s Comfort Food”



Maureen: You are living the dream, my friend.

Tim: What do you mean?

Maureen: You send me an article from the New York Times about how you can make schnitzel with pork, and just one day later, I make it for you.

Tim: Well, it’s delicious.

Andrew (15): I agree.

Nicholas (11): So do I.

Maureen: Wow. A rare dinner of unanimous and enthusiastic approval. Though what’s not to like? The other thing I appreciate about this dish, which is unusual for recipes from “Comfort Food” is that it was relatively quick to make.

Tim: Really?

Maureen: Well, sort of. I did make the “sprinkles,” which is the stuff that’s on top of the schnitzel, earlier in the day. I also got the potato salad ready to go earlier too.

Tim: I like that the meat is nice and crisp, as compared to when you make chicken parm, when the meat gets smothered in tomato sauce and cheese.

Maureen: Respectfully, I disagree with your assessment of chicken parm. That’s just a completely different type of dish. Should I make this again?

All: Yes!

“Super Schnitzel” from “Jamie’s Comfort Food”

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