“Chicken Tikka Masala” from “Jamie’s Comfort Food”

Processed with VSCOcam with a6 preset

Miles: This curry looks so delicious. It must be eaten….(low Darth Vader voice) BY ME!

Ella: Looks like curry to me. Looks very brown.

Kirstin: Ah yes. And that’s why I didn’t photograph it as the final curry because chocolate and curries are the the things I find hardest to make look good in a photo. What do we think about the way it tastes?

Ella: It’s nothing special. I’ve been comparing food items to not-food items that taste really gross today because of an anime I have been watching.

Kirstin: I don’t know what you just said to me.

Ella: Basically, there’s this anime…and in it there are people who are not humans and they can’t eat human food because human food tastes really gross to them and the descriptions of how gross they taste are really interesting…for instance they describe one thing as tasting like a fish that’s been rotting for a few days.

Miles: (shouting) Infinity out of nothing!

Kirstin: ?

Miles: That’s my score for this curry.

Kirstin: That’s an interesting number Miles. We’ll talk about that later. Should I make this again? It’s taken me all evening to make.

Ella: If you like.

Kirstin: And there you have it. I can make it again, if I like with added anime descriptions.

“Chicken Tikka Masala” from “Jamie’s Comfort Food”

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