“Provencal Bake” from “Jamie’s Comfort Food”



Maureen: Here it is, family. Our first offering from Jamie’s new cookbook. What do you think?

Nicholas (11): Yum.

Andrew (15): This is good.

Tim: Yum. Stodge.

Maureen: And French stodge at that. But this certainly is not a quick mid-week dinner. This took quite a long time to prepare, but Jamie warned us of that in the introduction to his book. Would you want me to make this again?

Andrew: Yes, even though it takes a long time to make it.

Maureen (laughing): It doesn’t really impact you, the fact that it can be quite laborious to make.

Andrew: But it does! It means I have to wait longer for dinner.

Maureen: You’re going to have to complain to management about that.

Tim: I’m not sure you can taste the crepes in there.

Maureen: You can’t, really. They seem to have been completely absorbed into the cheese and other ingredients.

Andrew (incredulous): There’s crepes in there?

Maureen: Yes. But really the cheese is what you can taste the most. I also like the lemon kick at the end. That is unexpected.

Tim: I would definitely eat this again.

Maureen: I would too, but if I could find a decent supplier of crepes, we’d have this more often.

“Provencal Bake” from “Jamie’s Comfort Food”

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