“A Modern Way to Eat” – September 2014 Cookbook – Our Verdict


Maureen: We LOVED this cookbook.

Kirstin: It was the best vegetarian cookbook I’ve ever cooked from.

Maureen: The Mary McCarthy was my favourite vegetarian cookbook up until now, but now this one has supplanted it.

Kirstin: Usually I find that vegetarian cookbooks are holier than thou, but this one wasn’t. The recipes were really good.

Maureen: The thing I liked about it was she didn’t use ingredients that were too obscure or hard to find.

Kirstin: Well… I gave up trying to find brown sushi rice for the Kale and black sesame sushi bowl in the end. But I used regular brown rice instead and it was delicious.

Maureen: Maybe I turned the page if there were difficult ingredients in it, but by and large I could find the things I needed. I don’t have the patience to do a lot of running around to find obscure ingredients.

Kirstin: Her salads are amazing, and her yorkshire puddings I’ve made every weekend for the last six weeks.

Maureen: She seems particularly skilled at salad. The one we had at your house was delicious. So simple, and yet, so delicious.

Kirstin: You feel really good after you’ve eaten her food.

Maureen: I agree.

Kirstin: It’s a modern take on vegetarian food.

Maureen: Yes, and it’s delicious. This is why it’s going on my high-rotation bookshelf. There were loads of things that I made that were absolutely yummy and will be perfect for our weekly Meat Free Monday. This was a great book.

“A Modern Way to Eat” 
Overall Grade (A- F): Kirstin A*. Maureen: A*
Best recipes: Kirstin: Yorkshire Pudding and the Strawberry Crumble. Maureen: We loved everything, but particular kudos has to go to the Herbed Green Quinoa and the Mushroom Rosti.
Grade for Photography (A-F): A
Any disasters? Kirstin: Yes! The Double Chocolate Cloud Cake. It was nightmare. It just didn’t work.
Bookshelf or Charity Shop Donation? High-rotation bookshelf.


“A Modern Way to Eat” – September 2014 Cookbook – Our Verdict

2 thoughts on ““A Modern Way to Eat” – September 2014 Cookbook – Our Verdict

  1. Adeline says:

    Hi girls! You got me so enthused about this book that I bought it. It’s magnificent. Third book I’ve bought on your recommendation and I love them all.
    Best website ever!


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