Double Chocolate Cloud Cake from “A Modern Way to Eat”

Well, these didn’t turn out the way they were supposed to. I struggled to make the icing and resorted to buying another can of coconut milk to try again, but still with no success. I was so determined to make it work, that I even stuck in cornflour, but no luck. So I gave up on the icing in the middle and just put the glaze on.
It’s an incredibly rich cake and very delicious but quite dry too. And I just wonder if I should have used butter instead. Still, it’s always good to try new recipes, especially gluten-free ones. That said I don’t think this is one I’m going to try again.

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Double Chocolate Cloud Cake from “A Modern Way to Eat”

8 thoughts on “Double Chocolate Cloud Cake from “A Modern Way to Eat”

  1. Hey Kristin,

    Really sorry you had some problems with this recipe – I have tasted it at least 5 times and it has always worked out great. I will have a look into the recipe again to make sure nothing is amiss.

    The coconut milk can be tricky if you buy the wrong brand – I always use bionia organic which works great.

    Really glad you are reviewing the book.


    1. Hello Anna, I shall definitely have to give this recipe another go and try your recommended coconut milk brand. We are totally loving this book. Thank you so much for all the wonderful recipes. x

  2. annastamour says:

    I really should have said at the time, so apologies for this comment late in the day, that I liked the cake more than Kirstin. That said the icing, had it worked, would have made it more moist and sweetened it. I liked the slight bitterness though, and Isabella loved it (as you can see from the photo!) Kirstin and I will be giving it another go with Anna’s advice and we’ll see how we go!

  3. katietoms says:

    Have just had an epic fail with this recipe too! Filling was runny & grainy – have no idea how to get it light & fluffy… Could it be that it should be 3 tsps of honey, not 3 tbsps? Seems too liquid… Or 1 tsp of vanilla essence not 1 tbsp?
    Have done a Flora (gbbo) & put it in the freezer to try & thicken it.
    Only other thing I can think is that I over whisked it. I did use an electric whisk as it specified, and at no point in the mixing did it seem the right thickness…
    Also the cake didn’t rise at all & is flat as a pancake! And dry…
    Possible reasons I can think of:
    I mixed by hand with a spoon, not a whisk or processor. (Although recipe just specified ‘mix well’, so shouldn’t have been a problem.)
    Too much salt? And not fine enough? (I used Cornish sea salt flakes & didn’t grind.)
    Almonds not fine enough? (I used biona organic ground almonds & they weren’t as powder-like as your standard supermarket ones.)
    Baked for 45 mins as skewer didn’t come out clean at 30 or 40 mins.
    Also have noticed a couple of discrepancies with the recipe in cookbook that I used & recipe on guardian that I didn’t use.
    Book – gas mark 5. Guardian gas mark 4.
    Book – 100g Cocoa in cake. Guardian 50g then another 100g. (This looks like a typo?)
    Anyway, would be good to know where I went wrong!

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