“BB Brownies” from “The Art of Eating Well”

Anna: When I was first flicking through this book I saw this recipe and thought,”that’s disgusting”. Then I thought about it. And felt it was a bit of a challenge. Why not try them? Just as an experiment. What was there to lose? Lots of money as it happens. These are far and away the most expensive brownies I have ever made. That’s what you get for embracing coconut oil and cacao. They may be shunned, but good old cocoa powder and butter are a lot cheaper. I have to say the flavour is fine. Good even. Over the course of the days I ate them I came to rather like their taste. But it’s the texture that’s not quite right. It screams, “these aren’t real brownies People!”. That’s down to the mystery ingredient. I gave them to several guinea pigs to try. All of them said they were nice. None of them successfully guessed the flour substitute. And no, it’s not hash. Brown beans. Brown. Beans. Give them a try if you dare. If you are gluten-intolerant or suchlike then they are a good substitute. I think I’ll stick to normal brownies though.


“BB Brownies” from “The Art of Eating Well”

One thought on ““BB Brownies” from “The Art of Eating Well”

  1. Judy Hendershott says:

    I tasted these and found them a bit strange, in terms of both flavour and texture. I’ll stick to traditional brownies, too.

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