“Bill’s Italian Food” – Our Verdict

Anna: I love this book.

Kirstin: I wasn’t expecting to like this book as much as I do. I know I will be using it lots in the future too. A total gem of a book.

Maureen: I completely agree. I didn’t think this book would be as great as it is. Maybe that’s damning it with faint praise, but everything we ate from it this month worked and was delicious. Total win.

Anna: I didn’t think I was going to have the opportunity to make much from it but I’ve ended up cooking loads and that’s testatament to how good it is. Simple, easy, everyday cooking. Italian cooking too. What’s not love.

Maureen: I can see returning to this book again and again.

“Bill’s Italian Food” 
Overall Grade (A- F): Anna: B+. Kirstin A.
Best recipes: Anna: Salmon. Griddled squid. Kirstin: Roast chicken with chilli, sea bass. And the vanilla ice cream. A total winner. Maureen: Roasted monkfish.
Grade for Photography (A-F): A+.
Any disasters? None.
Bookshelf or Charity Shop Donation? High-rotation bookshelf.

“Bill’s Italian Food” – Our Verdict

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