“Troife, Aubergine, Cherry Tomatoes and Pecorino” from “Bill’s Italian Food”


CBAMPastaThis is another Meat Free Monday special.

It’s funny, but when I cast around for ideas for Meat Free Monday every week, believe it or not, pasta is not the first thing that springs to mind. I tend to think more of vegetable curries than I do pasta, which is absolutely mad, given that pasta is the easiest, most meat-free meal you could make. Maybe I don’t think of it more often because I want to try something different, and pasta definitely is not that. But I digress.

This was good, but it definitely wasn’t a “Done in 15 minutes” kind of meal. First, I used up three different pots in the making of this dish, which is somewhat extreme for a pasta dish. Grilling the aubergine was a great idea, but it wasn’t clear from the recipe if you should serve whole grilled slices, or cut them smaller after grilling. I opted for the latter.

As you can see from the picture, I didn’t use troife. We love troife– it’s the long slightly curly pasta– but I couldn’t find it in any of the local shops. Bill says you can use any kind of pasta, so I did.

Will I make this again? I’m not so sure. Personally, I love aubergine, but the rest of my family doesn’t feel the same, so that’s a problem. Also, I was a bit bummed out by the amount of clean up necessary for a simple pasta dish– as delicious as it was.


“Troife, Aubergine, Cherry Tomatoes and Pecorino” from “Bill’s Italian Food”

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