“Pappardelle and spicy chicken ragu” from “Bill’s Italian Food”


Tom: I love this recipe because it makes the house smell lovely as you cook it.

Kirstin: I love that about it too.

Ella: Ooo. I love it when you make this!

Tom: But I don’t like the pappardelle as it makes a right mess everywhere.

Kirstin: I totally know what you mean. I didn’t add the chilli tonight as we had one of Miles’s friends for dinner who doesn’t like hot food. But I usually particularly love that part of the recipe. Yum!

You can find the recipe here and I love that it’s one of Bill’s favourite recipes too!

“Pappardelle and spicy chicken ragu” from “Bill’s Italian Food”

7 thoughts on ““Pappardelle and spicy chicken ragu” from “Bill’s Italian Food”

  1. Katherine says:

    Lol I’m not keen on foot myself, hot or otherwise! In all seriousness though, this sounds delicious! I don’t have any of Bill’s books, what should I start with? I should probably wait till you deliver the verdict on this at the end of June before you answer that!!

    1. Oh that’s such a good question! It really depends on what kind of food you like to cook. We still use the Asian book on a weekly basis…

    2. annastamour says:

      I’d definitely start with Simply Bill. It’s one of his older books but it’s awesome! I still cook from it weekly and I’ve had it for 7 years!

      1. Katherine says:

        It made me giggle!! Love the blog by the way, enjoy all your posts.
        Ordered Everyday Asian today so am looking forward to getting it! Only saw your comment now Anna but will keep Simply Bill in mind!! Also like the sound of this Italian book!

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