“A Change of Appetite” – Our Verdict

Anna: What did you think?

Maureen: As expected, I thought it was earnest, but good. Some of the recipes really took a good amount of time to do, like a whole afternoon. Is that fair to say?

Anna: I completely agree. My thoughts of the beginning of the month have been confirmed. If i had a personal chef, I would eat this way every night, but as it is, I’ve had to save the recipes for days when I knew I had time to cook.

Maureen: I lost the will to live when I had to spend an entire afternoon making broad bean puree.

Anna: What was the biggest success?

Maureen: The tagliata. There wasn’t much to it, but it truly was a 15 minute meal and everyone loved it.

Anna: Putting the leftover garlic and olive oil on the bread sounded genius.

Maueen: It was delicious. What were your successes?

Anna: Everything was a success apart from the squid, though I think tht was more my cooking than the recipe. We’re already making the Vietnamese beef again and I’m dreaming of the Turkish eggs. I can’t identify exactly what it was, but you shut your eyes and you were in Turkey.

Maureen: I liked the part about diets and eating well. The woman speaks sense when she says don’t go on a diet, just eat better quality food and less of it.

Anna: I felt if I was picking a meal from there, I didn’t feel in any way that I was depriving myself.

Maureen: It’s a good book. It’s not a book you can use day to day, but if you plan ahead, you can get a delicious meal.

Anna: Or if you had a personal chef.

Kirstin: And can I add that the kindle version leaves a lot to be desired. For a start there is no index which can make things a little tricky to say the least. So if you’re going to get this book, my advice would be do not get the kindle version!

“A Change of Appetite”
Overall Grade (A- F):  Maureen: B+ I liked everything I made from there, but it definitely takes effort and time, which I don’t always have in abundance.
Best recipes:  Maureen: Tagliata. I’ll definitely be making that again.
Grade for Photography (A-F): Kirstin: A+. Absolutely stunning.
Any disasters?Maureen: The broad bean puree took all afternoon to make, and I ended up with only a small bowlful of it.
Bookshelf or Charity Shop Donation?  Maureen: Bookshelf, but not the high rotation one. Anna: Definitely bookshelf. In fact I think I’m going to get a hard copy.



“A Change of Appetite” – Our Verdict

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