“Rib-Eye Steak with Stilton Butter” from “Mary Berry Cooks”

CBAMSteakMaureen: Steak night!

Nicholas (10): Are we celebrating something?

Maureen: We are celebrating the fact that it’s Tuesday. Go Tuesday!

Nicholas: I thought we were celebrating that Jamie got into M.I.T.

Maureen: No. He won’t know that until Friday. But if he does get in, we will celebrate for sure. So what do we think?

Andrew (14): It’s steak night. What’s not to like?

Maureen: True. You can’t go wrong with a Dring’s steak. But what you really ought to be eating is the stilton butter.

Andrew: I like my steak plain.

Nicholas: Me too.

Tim: Is this your Grandma’s blue cheese butter?

Maureen: No. Not my grandma, but the nation’s grandma: Mary Berry. What do you think?

Tim: It’s good, I guess.

Maureen: It’s fine, but I like the one I usually make with stilton, walnuts and butter better. Yum. Butter on steak is definitely a special treat.

Tim: Did you do anything special with the steak?

Maureen: No. In fact, I didn’t follow Mary’s directions at all on the steak. I did it like I usually do, on the grill pan. In the book, she tells you to start by searing the steak two minutes on each side, and then finishing them off in the oven. On her show the other night, she seared them, put them in the refrigerator to cool down and then finished them off in the oven. She was making them for a dinner party, so didn’t want to be stuck in the kitchen cooking the steaks on the hob. Neither system made sense to me.

Tim: I agree.

Maureen: I had a long discussion with Michael at Dring’s and he said you could do it that way, but there would be a real chance that you would overcook them, which would be a real shame when you’re talking about steak.

Tim: So in the end, you didn’t follow Mary’s instructions, did you?

Maureen: No, but it’s still steak night, which is ALWAYS FTW.

“Rib-Eye Steak with Stilton Butter” from “Mary Berry Cooks”

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