“Raspberry Upside-Down Cake” from “Rachel’s Everyday Kitchen”

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAIf you want to make this, please click through this sentence to find the recipe on UK’s Good Food Channel. Trust me. It’s good.

First, an important note. This photo doesn’t do this cake justice. While it may look more like a big blob of dark red on top of cake, or even, dare I say it, an edible blood clot, it tastes better than it looks.

This is a perfect cake to make when you’re short on time, which frankly, is much of the time. I’ve now made it twice– once for the grand finale of a Sunday lunch, and again last night for my book club. Both times it was a winner.

The cake is such a resounding success because of the simplicity of the ingredients. There’s no running around to specialty shops to find something obscure. It’s just sugar, butter, eggs, self-rasing flowers and raspberries. Even the raspberries are frozen, which I easily found at my local Co-Op.

Making the cake itself is also a doddle. I finished last night in less than 15 minutes, which a real win.

One thing to note if you do decide to make this– the quantity of raspberries is a bit miserly, only 250 grams. The first time I made this, it didn’t really cover the bottom of the pan. Last night when I made it, i went a bit overboard and added 600 grams of raspberries, which was too much. So maybe 500 grams would do it, but 250 grams is definitely not enough.

All in all, a triumph.

“Raspberry Upside-Down Cake” from “Rachel’s Everyday Kitchen”

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