“Brilliant Bread” -our verdict

Anna: Well this book certainly sucked me in.

Kirstin: I’m sorry that it’s the end of the month already. I just found a few more recipes that I’d love to try out.

Maureeen: I didn’t think we’d get a full month of baking bread, and yet here we are.

Anna: I’ll definitely be trying more after my spectacular sourdough failure. And I will be trying the sourdough again. The starter is sitting in the fridge, waiting to be used.

Kirstin: I have loved cooking from this book and have recommended it to lots of people too. It has totally encouraged me to cook bread from scratch. I even gave our bread machine away last week. I wouldn’t recommend it on the kindle though because it’s difficult to navigate around the pages when you’re cooking and have hands covered in dough.

Maureen: Now that I figured out that the key to the success of a rising dough is putting it on the radiator, I think I’m slightly addicted to the “big reveal” when I see if the dough has risen or not.

Anna: Peter also did the pizza dough which was the first time he’s used any other recipe than Jamie’s Italian. And we all loved it so we will definitely be doing that again.

Maureen: We will definitely be giving his pizza recipe a go. This book definitely has me making more bread, something I always thought was too complicated to do. Now I know that I all I need to do is some forward planning.

“Brilliant Bread”
Overall Grade (A- F): Kirstin: A. Anna: B. Maureen: B+
Best recipes: Kirstin: Oh God, the focaccia. Anna: basic white bread. Maureen: I’m with Kirstin. The focaccia was brilliant (no pun intended).
Grade for Photography (A-F): Kirstin: A
Any disasters? Anna: *laughs* Sourdough. Maureen: The fact that the breadsticks didn’t have a time element on the baking was a bit of an epic fail, but I figured it out in the end.
Bookshelf or Charity Shop Donation? Kirstin: Bookshelf. Anna: Bookshelf.

“Brilliant Bread” -our verdict

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