“Basic White Bread” from “Brilliant Bread”

There is a moral to this tale. Two in fact.

I decided to start at the very beginning as, I’ve been assured, it’s a very good place to start. Basic white bread. Apparently it’s incredibly easy and tastes fantastic. Incredibly easy as long as you follow the recipe carefully. Getting distracted by entertaining the baby and misreading the quantity of yeast required is not a good start. Realising, after the fact, that perhaps the yeast should have been dissolved before adding to the flour and salt, was not a great follow up. As the dough made a pathetic attempt to rise I thought I’d screwed the whole thing up. Bin the lot and start again tomorrow.

Luckily Peter is our resident bread expert. He reassured me, in the absence of the lovely James Morton, to stick with it. Apparently he doesn’t usually dissolve the yeast either. He stuck the dough on the pizza paddle and put it on the radiator. We had dinner. By the time we had finished it was doing something.

I had chosen to use the casserole pot method of cooking as the dough was looking so floppy I wasn’t convinced it would be any taller than a cowpat if not. I’m glad I did, as it turned out perfectly. It looked terrible but it tasted delicious.

Here are the morals: don’t get distracted by babies, and stick with it. It is definitely worth it!

2014-01-09 08.17.15

“Basic White Bread” from “Brilliant Bread”

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