“Wasabi Miso Beef” from Nigel Stater’s “Eat”

Anna: Well hello blogging. I can’t really remember what to do. Cooking new and interesting delights was stifled by morning sickness, long work hours and then dealing with two under 2. Now that Louis is two, and the baby is sleeping through, I am going to move beyond our stock five recipes a week and open a cookbook. So I present to you this steak, from Nigel Slater and his curiously small yet weighty tome: “Eat”.

Peter: Hello 2011.

Anna: What do you mean by that?

Peter: Haven’t we been here before? I’m sure we had a steak salad like this.

Anna: Are you suggesting that this isn’t original? What about the wasabi and the Japanese mushrooms?

Peter: It all worked together, it’s just a shame the cheapest ingredient dominates the rest. It didn’t show off the quality of the steak.

Anna: Well it was quick, and that’s the important criteria for me at the moment. But I don’t think I will be making it again, so it looks like the miso is going to be kicking around in the fridge until I get around to throwing it away.


“Wasabi Miso Beef” from Nigel Stater’s “Eat”

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