“Brill Roasted with Sweet Pepper Sauce” from “Gino’s Italian Escape”

Or, in Italian: “Tagliata di Pesce con Salsa di Peperoni Dolci”

CBAMFishSorry, faithful readers. There’s no dialogue for this recipe, as it was one of those nights those with children will be familiar with: everyone was at a different place at a different time. But even amid the chaos, we could decide that we liked this very much.

Yes! Fish with breadcrumbs again!! I’m beginning to think that we’re riding some sort of food trend here. First, it was Gwyneth Paltrow in “It’s All Good.” Then it was Jamie Oliver in “Save with Jamie.” I may have even made a few of my own variations between testing those two recipes. Now it’s Gino’s turn.

It’s very much like the other two recipes, though, in Gino’s favour, he did use butter in his version. Hooray for sensible amounts of butter! I have found, in my experience, that butter makes EVERYTHING better. I’m all for healthy eating, but if you’re willing to throw some butter in there, I’m all for that too.

Unfortunately, our lovely fishmonger– called, aptly enough, The FIshmonger– didn’t have brill on this particular Friday, so I had to get the turbot instead. Turbot can be a bit pricey, as it’s not the bargain that trout can be, but it’s a lovely fish that’s not at all “fishy”, so the boys (and their friend), really liked this, especially when used with the aforementioned butter and breadcrumbs.

The red pepper sauce was really easy to make, and really gave the dish some interesting flavours. Without it, I think it would have been a bit bland, though things can always be livened up with vegetables and other side dishes.

Would I make this again? This is beginning to seem like a silly question for a fish-with-breadrcumbs recipe. Obviously, the answer is yes, because I’ve already made a version of this multiple times this year. Would I make this version again? Definitely yes. Maybe next time we’ll all be able to sit down together to enjoy it.

If you would like to try this recipe for yourself, Google Books has helpfully downloaded the entire Gino book. Click through this paragraph to see the recipe.

“Brill Roasted with Sweet Pepper Sauce” from “Gino’s Italian Escape”

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