“Trout al Forno” from “Save With Jamie”

CBAMTroutMaureen: Fish Friday! (Editor’s Note: This is another Fish Friday special, but as we have no Fridays left this month, I’m posting this on a Tuesday.)

Tim: What is it today?

Maureen: Trout again. I’m becoming a big fan of trout. I have to say, when I bought it for the first time a few months ago, I thought it would be all fishy and not very good. How wrong I was. It’s got a lovely taste and not at all fishy.

Tim: And no air miles! Where is this rainbow trout from?

Maureen: Hampshire. Also, it’s very, very, cheap, particularly when you compare it to other more popular fish. All four fillets cost me only 7 quid. What a bargain. What do you think?

Tim: This seems an awful lot like that other fish we had with breadcrumbs.

Maureen: That’s a Gwyneth recipe, and now a firm family favourite. This one is different in that you roast the butternut squash and potatoes for 50 minutes, then you add the fillets with breadcrumbs for the last 12 minutes. Also, you’re supposed to add oats to the breadcrumbs, but I only realised that at the last minute and we didn’t have any, so that didn’t go in.

Andrew (14): I like it.

Nicholas (10): I’m not that hungry.

Maureen: I think we probably will have this in the future, though I imagine that it would be a combination of the Gwyneth recipe– using her method for the breadcrumbs– and this Jamie one– using his method of roasting some veg and potatoes first. Then we’d be on to a winner.


“Trout al Forno” from “Save With Jamie”

2 thoughts on ““Trout al Forno” from “Save With Jamie”

  1. […] This dish is a variation on the “bread crumbs on fish” dish we’ve now had and enjoyed many times. I’ve reviewed three recipes here from three different cookbooks that were a variation on this theme,  including from Gwyneth Paltrow (a firm favourite), Gino D’Acampo and even Jamie Oliver himself, from “Save with Jamie” two years ago.  […]

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