“Hit ‘n’ Run Traybaked Chicken” from “Save With Jamie”

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAIf you’d like to see the recipe, and then maybe make it yourself, there’s a copy of it here, which you can find by clicking through this sentence.

Tim: Another chicken traybake!

Maureen: Indeed yes. We are veterans of these. Jamie is a big fan of them, but so is Nigella. I can understand why. All you have to do is get the ingredients together, and then just chuck it in the oven and bake it. Job done. What do you think?

Tim: It’s not unlike a lot of the other traybaked chickens we’ve had.

Maureen: That’s fair. But if you wanted a basic traybaked chicken recipe, this would work. Then you could change it to suit your own tastes. What do you think boys?

Andrew (14): I like the chicken, I don’t like the tomatoes.

Nicholas (10): I like it all.

Maureen: The thing I’ve always liked about traybakes is that they’re really easy and the results are almost always delicious.

Tim: This one is good, but frankly, it’s not much different.

Maureen: That’s fair. But you know what’s really annoying? In the index, this recipe is difficult to find. It’s not listed under chicken, which you would expect, or under T, for traybaked chicken. It’s listed under its full name, Hit ‘n Run Traybaked Chicken, under H. Who would ever look there? So in summary, the recipe itself is fine, but the book indexing is absolute rubbish.

“Hit ‘n’ Run Traybaked Chicken” from “Save With Jamie”

2 thoughts on ““Hit ‘n’ Run Traybaked Chicken” from “Save With Jamie”

  1. I find cook book indexes are very hit and miss. I was in fact looking up ‘traybake’ this very morning in Jo Wheatley’s cookbooks. She has traybake recipes in both books (I think). Could I find them? Nope. Ended up flicking through the books and then gave up. Very unsatisfactory, and hopeless if you’re busy. Epic fail.

    1. Maureen Stapleton says:

      It’s just so frustrating. I know from bitter experience that compiling indexes is a VERY tough job, but still, would it have killed them to cross-reference it in some way? It’s not rocket science to list it under the main ingredient and then again under the recipe name.

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