“Mussel Pasta e Fagioli” from “Save With Jamie”

CBAMMusselsMaureen: Fish Friday!

Tim: It’s been awhile.

Maureen: When you say, “awhile,” what you really mean is “two weeks.” One of those weeks you were in Switzerland for work, and the other week we were at a play. So it’s not as if we’ve abandoned Fish Friday or anything.

Andrew (14): What is this?

Maureen: So glad you asked, so I can add a gratuitous description to our dialogue. It’s mussels, but with a difference.

Nicholas (10): What do you mean?

Maureen: Well, usually when you make mussels, you make them in white wine and cream. For this one, you make them in a pasta and bean soup. What do you think?

Andrew: I’m not sure about the mussels.

Nicholas: Neither am I. They look weird.

Maureen: You guys don’t know how good you have it. You didn’t even need to take your mussels out of the shells. I did that for you. That’s love, if you ask me.

Tim: I’ll bet you can’t even identify the mussels.

Andrew: (Using his spoon as his pointer): There’s one here… and here… and here.

Maureen: He’s got it right. It looks like he does know.

Tim: Well, I really like it. It gives you more substance than traditional mussels, when you just get mussels and a sort-of-soup.

Maureen: I agree. It’s great. It’s too bad the boys can’t see the greatness in this dish. Maybe next time, they’ll just have the pasta e fagioli and none of the mussels. Then we’ll all be happy.

Tim: You should make this again.

Maureen: I will. I really liked this.

“Mussel Pasta e Fagioli” from “Save With Jamie”

5 thoughts on ““Mussel Pasta e Fagioli” from “Save With Jamie”

  1. Anne Pollak says:

    I am so impressed with your boys, Maureen. If I were doing this, there wouldn’t even be ANY dialogue because my kids would have fled from the room after one look at the mussels.

    1. Maureen Stapleton says:

      This is why I took them out of the shells. I thought I could sneak them in. Alas, I could not. At least they tried, albeit not very hard.

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