“Pukka Yellow Curry” from “Save with Jamie”


Miles: I wasn’t expecting a curry!

Ella: Oh!

Kirstin: Yes, tonight I made Jamie’s Pukka Yellow Curry. It was simple to make, even though it took longer than it said it would in the recipe.

Ella: So I shouldn’t tell any fish jokes then.

Kirstin: No, because tonight we’re having chicken.

Ella: What about cat jokes?

Kirstin: NO. No cat jokes either.

Ella: But that’s clawful.

Kirstin: I said no cat jokes!

Miles: Ella, remember you have to paws in the middle of a sentence when you’re telling a joke.

Ella: Mum, are you feline OK?

Kirstin: STOP IT! No cat jokes!

Miles: Well I think that was purr-fect!

Kirstin: Shall we try the chicken now?

Ella: Yum. I’m still trying to figure out a way to fit canine into a joke.

Miles: I like the chicken!

Ella: Wolf it down!

Kirstin: And on that note and before we go down the whole dog joke route, we thought it was OK, but I don’t think I’ll be making it again.

“Pukka Yellow Curry” from “Save with Jamie”

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