“The Smitten Kitchen Cookbook” – Our Verdict

Maureen: What did you think?

Kirstin: I really liked it, but I didn’t like her long introductions.

Maureen: I’m with you on that. The long introduction would make the recipe spill onto second page, which meant a lot of flipping about, back and forth between instructions and ingredients.

Kirstin: A shorter introduction would be good.

Maureen: i don’t know how you shorten it, because I think that’s her writing style. I can understand that, as I also have a tendency to go on a bit.

Kirstin: This was a good book. All the recipes worked.

Maureen: They all worked, we liked some more than others, but that’s to be expected of any cookbook.  But I liked how she had a lot of different recipes for different things: breakfast, vegetarian, dinners, desserts, parties.

Kirstin: There’s a good selection of cuisines too, like Asian and Moroccan. It was good

Maureen: My only complaint was that there was only one fish recipe, but that’s because she doesn’t like fish, apparently.

Kirstin: The party food section was good, too.

Maureen: This book is definitely a keeper.

Kirstin: I already gave it to a friend of mine, that’s how much I liked it. I can see using it over and over again.

“The Smitten Kitchen Cookbook” 
Overall Grade (A- F): Kirstin: A. Maureen: A. Good variety of recipes, the recipes worked, and I could see using it over and over again.
Best recipes: Milanese chicken. It was amazing. It was really yummy and the salad went really with it. Maureen: Chocolate peanut butter cookies.
Grade for Photography (A-F): A: It’s really lovely and consistent. It’s not too overdesigned.
Any disasters? No. There were some things we liked more than others, but that’s not a surprise.
Bookshelf or Charity Shop Donation? Bookshelf. Definitely a keeper.

“The Smitten Kitchen Cookbook” – Our Verdict

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