“The Best Roast Chicken Ever” from “The Skinny French Kitchen”

Maureen: The best roast chicken ever is a pretty bold claim. What do you think?

Tim: It’s good.

Andrew (13): I agree.

Maureen: Sure, it’s good. But is it THE BEST?


Nicholas (10): That’s hard to say. Roast chicken is always good.

Maureen: That’s true. Maybe we could say that it’s ONE of the best. We couldn’t say it was the best.

Andrew: That makes sense.

Maureen: Was it a faff to make, Tim, since you had to fry up the mushrooms and herbs and then stuff them under the skin?

Tim: No, it wasn’t too bad. It’s Sunday lunch– it’s worth the effort.

Maureen: I have to point out is her “skinny tip” for this recipe is to just get a smaller chicken so that everyone will have smaller portions. That’s just silly, if you ask me. So I got a bigger chicken and now we can have chicken pot pie later this week with the leftovers.

Tim: Yum. Chicken pot pie.

Maureen: Indeed. So maybe this wasn’t the best roast chicken ever, but it might be the best chicken pot pie ever, with the added mushrooms and whatnot. Watch this space.

“The Best Roast Chicken Ever” from “The Skinny French Kitchen”

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