“Roasted Bass, Baked Clam Style” from “It’s All Good”

Maureen: Fish Friday! And a recipe from none other than Pepper Potts!

Nicholas (10): Pepper Potts wrote a cookbook?

Maureen: No, not really. But Gwyneth Paltrow, the actress who played her, did. But she says she got the idea for this dish when she was filming Iron Man 3 in North Carolina. Since we just saw Iron Man 3 ourselves, I thought it appropriate that we give this a try. What do you think?

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAAndrew (13): Pretty good.

Nicholas: I like it.

Tim: This is great. I would definitely want to have this again.

Maureen: I was skeptical that I’d be able to find striped bass, but lo and behold, the fishmonger had it. I figured we’d have to have sea bass, but he had this.

Tim: It’s a nice fish. I think it’s always good to try different fish, as you know.

Maureen: You’re supposed to use gluten-free breadcrumbs for this, but that just seemed silly to me. First, because I’d have to track down some gluten-free breadcrumbs, which would probably be difficult, and second, because I think gluten-free breadcrumbs are a crime against food. I can understand it if you’re allergic to gluten, but since no one in this family is, we’re using the regular stuff.

Tim: Good idea.

“Roasted Bass, Baked Clam Style” from “It’s All Good”

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