“Super-Crispy Roast Chicken” from “It’s All Good”

I have an admission. I’ve been using this recipe every week for over a month now and have yet to take a picture of the chicken. Now why is that? Because it’s so very good, that’s why. I forget to get the camera out. Every. Single. Time.

So, instead here is the picture I took of my glass of wine while roasting the chicken. And believe me, I don’t leave the kitchen when I am cooking this because it smells so good.


It’s a wonderfully simple recipe. Half an onion and half a lemon wedged up the chicken, after drying it and then just pile on the salt and a little pepper having applied a little olive oil to the skin. Baste every half an hour for 90 minutes. Ta da! Done! And it makes proper good gravy too.

I know I have said how I will start making whichever recipe for roast chicken I have discovered that month, but truly this is it.  I have found my Holy Grail  of roast chicken recipes.

It is ALL good!

“Super-Crispy Roast Chicken” from “It’s All Good”

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