“Mississippi Mud Cake” from “Hummingbird Bakery Home Sweet Home”

All: Happy Birthday Nicholas!

Maureen: I can’t believe you’re double digits now. I also can’t believe that you chose to go with a new birthday cake. We’ve been eating the chocolate cake I make for birthdays since Andrew turned three.

Nicholas (10): Well, I wanted to try something new. It might be a risk, but sometimes risks pay off. Besides, we’ve liked everything from the Hummingbird Bakery book so far.


Andrew (13): You’re right. Mom, you should make the devil’s food cake they have at Hummingbird. Is that in this book?

Nicholas: No. It’s in one of the earlier books. I checked.

Maureen: OK. I can make that. But only after we’ve finished this cake and/or this month is over. Whichever comes first.

(All begin eating the Mississippi Mud Cake.)

Maureen: What do you think?

Andrew: Yum. I love it.

Nicholas: You must like it because it has a pound and a half of sugar.

Maureen: Technically, it’s not a pound and a half–  it’s 1 pound, 5 ounces, or 600 grams. But I have to say, when I was weighing it out, I could not believe how much sugar it needed. I thought for sure it was a typo.

Nicholas: It’s still a lot of sugar.

Maureen: I think all of the sugar, plus the boiling water, is what makes it so dense.

Tim: It’s more like a brownie than a cake.

Andrew: I think I want this to be my birthday cake in September.

Maureen: I think I like our other version more. It’s more like cake. This one is too dense for me. What do you think, Nicholas? Which one do you like better?

Nicholas: I love them both equally, but in different ways.

Maureen: You will make an excellent parent one day. Happy birthday!


“Mississippi Mud Cake” from “Hummingbird Bakery Home Sweet Home”

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