“South Indian Chicken Curry” from “Madhouse Cookbook”

Tom: Ooooo. A curry!

Kirstin: Yes! Indeed, this is the first of two we are trying out this week. They’re from the grown-up section of the book but I know our two little people enjoy spicy food.

Miles: We have this at school! And I love it!


Kirstin: Really? Well then you should like this too!

Miles: I do! I do!

Kirstin: It was a bit of a faff. But then again all good curries require time and patience. And my goodness, the smell of the black mustard seeds when they were roasting was phenomenal. I managed to get some of the sauce on my top, as expected. I just can’t be trusted when turmeric is in any recipe!

“South Indian Chicken Curry” from “Madhouse Cookbook”

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