Cookbook of the Month, April 2013 – “Madhouse Cookbook”

Kirstin: I chose this book because I liked the idea of recipes for children and grown ups in one book. I love the way it is organised.

Maureen: I hate the way it’s organised. It’s just a mish mash of everything in different sections. That said, I’ve marked down a lot of recipes I want to cook.

Kirstin: And the grown up recipes look proper grown up. We don’t cook without the kids now, but maybe if we have a late evening, I’ll cook up something. Probably not though.

Maureen: That’s just going back to the bad old days of cooking two meals every evening.

Kirstin: I like the look of the baking. Because you know Miles and I are into baking a lot at the moment.

Maureen: There are a lot of yummy looking dessert recipes!

Cookbook of the Month, April 2013 – “Madhouse Cookbook”

One thought on “Cookbook of the Month, April 2013 – “Madhouse Cookbook”

  1. Judy Hendershott says:

    As I said at the beginning of March, I love this book! Everything from salmon crostini to bigoli in salsa (dead easy, and quick!), to legato alla veneziana (also easy and quick). And I ate the flour less chocolate & hazelnut cake as a guest at someone’s home – sublime!
    One of my favourite recipe books, which I shall use often (I got it as a Christmas present).

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