“Red Velvet Cupcakes” from “How Easy Is That?”

Happy Valentine’s Day, everyone! If you would like to make some for your Valentine, click through this sentence for the recipe, which is a good one.

Nicholas (9): This icing is amazing.

Andrew (13): There’s a good ratio of cupcake to icing on this.

Maureen: That’s important. Too much cake with too little icing and it’s not really sweet enough. Too much icing with too little cake and it’s overly sweet. You have to get it just right.


Andrew: This one is just right.

Maureen: Are they red enough for you?

Nicholas: No! They’re not at all red. Just as I predicted when we were making them.

Maureen: This is a perennial problem with red velvet cupcakes. Since they’re chocolate cupcakes, you have to add A LOT of red food colouring to get them red. The reddest ones I ever made were from the Hummingbird Bakery cookbook, but I think I added two full bottles of red food colouring to get the hue.

Tim: They might not be red, but they’re very nice.

Maureen: This was a good recipe for red velvet cupcakes. It was very easy, and the icing was good too. It’s definitely a keeper, even if they aren’t red enough.


See? Pink here, not at all red or pink once baked. Red is a tricky food colouring though. The secret, if you’re really determined to have a red cupcake, is to use red paste food colouring. Then it would be red enough.

“Red Velvet Cupcakes” from “How Easy Is That?”

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