“Lemon Chicken Breasts” from “How Easy is That?”

Tom: This is yum. I love the crispy chicken skins.

Kirstin: Yes, I love the way she cooks with the sauce, complete with nine garlic cloves, under the chicken, so the skin can crispen but the flavours can get into the meat. And the lens kept steaming up on my big girl camera, so I used my iPhone instead for the pic tonight.

Tom: Nine cloves! Oh yes!


Ella: It fills me with deliciousness.

Tom: This reminds me of the chicken we used to cook with lemon.

Kirstin: That recipe we made up all those years ago. It remind me of that one too! But I could never quite figure out what to do with the lemon juice and the contessa has it all sorted, with the lemon juice going in after you’ve warmed the garlic in the oil.

Ella: It’s really great because at the beginning you can taste it’s all lemony and then you can taste the salty. And then it has this awesome aftertaste.

Tom: I think that’s the roast garlic you can taste at the end. It is absolutely yum.

Miles: I just tried the chicken.

Kirstin: And?

Miles: It’s good.

Kirstin: Oh good! Success! We shall be having this one again then peeps!

“Lemon Chicken Breasts” from “How Easy is That?”

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