“Roasted Salmon with Green Herbs” from “How Easy Is That?”

This salmon recipe is full of yum. If you want to make it yourself, click through on this link to find the recipe on the FoodNetwork.com.

Maureen: Fish Friday everybody!

Andrew (13): What is this?

Maureen: It’s roasted salmon with green herbs. But for the boys, I didn’t put so many herbs because I know how you feel about any green, healthy items touching your food. So I put just a sprinkling on of herbs. A light dusting of herb, if you will.

Andrew: OK. Thanks. I like it.

Maureen: Yes, I think it’s very nice.


Apologies for the not-great photo above, but we were in a hurry to eat, so I just snapped it on my phone. Also, these were the adult salmons, where we did not have a A Light Dusting of Herb, but a full-blown snow blizzard of green herbs. Delicious.

Ethan (Special Guest Star! Aged 9): This is absolutely delicious.

Maureen: Thanks Ethan. That’s pretty high praise. What do you think Nicholas?

Nicholas (9): It’s not bad.

Tim: I think it’s great.

Maureen: So do I. It’s delicious and it’s easy. Ina/Barefoot Contessa says this is a great last-minute dinner, and I agree. Though she says that she goes out to her garden to get all the herbs that she needs. That’s a little hard to do in the middle of winter, so I went up the hill to The Creaky Shed.

Tim: Salmon isn’t the most exciting fish in the world, but this is good.

Maureen: Yes, I will definitely make this again.

“Roasted Salmon with Green Herbs” from “How Easy Is That?”

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