“Weeknight Bolognese” from “How Easy is that?”

Tom: It is Friday night. And on Friday night we normally have sausage sauce. But this Friday, we are having a different sauce with our pasta. Sausage sauce has which kind of meat in it, Miles?

Miles: Beef?

Tom: Not beef! Good guess.


Ella: Pig flesh?

Tom: And what is pig flesh normally called?

Miles: Pork!

Tom: But this is not pork. This is beef.

Ella: Flesh.

Tom: So what do you think of this Spaghetti Bolognese?

Georgia: I had Bolognese in Crete for dinner once.

Tom: I like this because of the cream. It’s like our sausage sauce recipe, but with beef.

Ella: I like it!

Miles: I do too!

Kirstin: Super easy to make.

“Weeknight Bolognese” from “How Easy is that?”

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