“Chicken with Shallots” from “How Easy Is That?”

Do you want to make Chicken with Shallots too? Click through on this link and it will take you to the recipe on foodnetwork.com.

Andrew (13): Why did you give us so much chicken?

Maureen: Well actually, you were only supposed to have a breast each. But the chicken needed to have skin on it, and I didn’t get to Dring’s before they closed, so I had to buy the chicken legs because they did have skin on and the breasts did not.

Andrew: It still looks like a lot of food.

Maureen: Well, it probably is, but the funny thing is if you buy the leg with the thigh and the drumstick, it’s super cheap compared to the chicken breasts.

Nicholas (9): This chicken is delicious!

Maureen: What do you like about it?

Nicholas: Usually, the chicken has some sort of after taste, or some other flavour. This one doesn’t. I like that it’s plain.


Maureen: it’s definitely that. The sum total of its flavouring is olive oil, salt and pepper.

Nicholas: I like it even without the sauce. It’s very very very very very very very good.

Maureen: This is the first recipe from the new cookbook.

Nicholas: That gives me high expectations for the month.

Maureen: It has to be said that you’re not having the full meal because you didn’t want any shallot sauce. Your loss.

Nicholas: It’s not my loss. I think it’s great like it is.

Maureen: I feel guilty about the out-of-season asparagus. Talk about food miles. But it had a sticker on it that said England.

Tim: England? No way. You can’t grow asparagus in England this time of year.

Maureen: I asked and they said it was labeled England because the reseller is English, but presumably it came from the southern hemisphere somewhere.

TIm: That’s pretty cheeky.

Maureen: I agree. I won’t get tricked by the England stickers when I buy asparagus in the middle of winter next time. Would you want me to make it again?

Tim: It’s OK. I know that Nicholas loved it, but I don’t think there’s anything spectacular about this particular recipe.

Maureen: I agree. It’s fine, but meh. This should be an interesting month.

Cook’s Notes: Like I said above, the recipe called for chicken breasts, but I couldn’t find any by the time I went shopping for dinner. (Our local butcher always has them, the local supermarkets do not.) So I substituted a full chicken leg– thigh and drumstick– for the chicken breast. Obviously, it was more fiddly to eat because of the bones, but it was a much cheaper alternative, and I can’t imagine it changed the nature of the recipe that much.

“Chicken with Shallots” from “How Easy Is That?”

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