“White bean soup: two ways” from “Notes from Kitchen Table”

Kirstin: I made some bread especially to go with this soup.

Anna: Is it like in the picture with all the melted cheese on top? Because I only want it if it is.

Kirstin: No it isn’t! I’ll have your piece of bread then!

Anna: It looks like very nice bread and it looks like it will go with the soup very well.


Kirstin: Don’t feel you have to force it down or anything…

Anna: Blimey! Look at those bits of fennel. That’s going to make it awkward to eat, isn’t it?

Kirstin: I just followed her instructions!


Anna: Shall I mush some of these beans up to make it a bit thicker?

Kirstin: She doesn’t say that in the recipe, but I’m all for a little bit of mush in a soup.

Anna: This is actually really delicious.

Kirstin: I think that fennel goes really well with the beans!

Anna: What I like about this is that the soup hasn’t been whizzed up. I think every other white bean soup I have ever made has been liquidised.

Kirstin: And it’s perfect for this snowy day too. It would make a perfect starter for the winter months.

“White bean soup: two ways” from “Notes from Kitchen Table”

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