“Duck ‘Cassoulet’ ” from “Notes from Kitchen Table”

Kirstin: Gwyneth said this would be one hour of active preparation. It probably took a little longer than that, but it wasn’t frantic. Just lovely and calm while things boiled up, making the house smell lovely as they did. And definitely active, like a bit of a workout.

Sava: I thought the duck went well with the beans.

Kirstin: It’s a classic combination, isn’t it?

Mark: I think the textures were interesting, with the firm flesh, the crunch of the breadcrumbs and then the softness of the beans.


Kirstin: I made those breadcrumbs. That’s why they were so good!

Tom: You did!

Kirstin: I whizzed up a baguette, like she says in the recipe!


Tom: That’s why it was active! And I thought it was going to be pork free!

Kirstin: She asks us to use bacon of whatever variety.

Tom: So we could have used unicorn bacon, or venison bacon….or maybe dolphin bacon!

Kirstin: There is surely only pork bacon!

Tom: There must be some kind of hipster bacon that doesn’t involve pigs dying!

Kirstin: There must be a vegan bacon somewhere.

Tom: Anchovy bacon!

Kirstin: That would be grim; it would be full of bones!

Mark: In Islamic countries you can get beef bacon.

Kirstin: But that’s not bacon! Bacon is made from pigs!

Tom: And she says she doesn’t eat red meat.

Kirstin: It was still yum, even with the pig meat!

“Duck ‘Cassoulet’ ” from “Notes from Kitchen Table”

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