“Chicken pasta Herby 6-Ragu” from “Jamie’s 15 minute meals”

Prep time: less than 10 minutes.

Cooking time: 29 Minutes

Tom: This is rather good! I thought it had rather a lot of ingredients in it though.

Miles: The chicken is delicious! Ella, why aren’t you eating?

Ella: Because I had pasta for lunch, at school.

Tom: Then you can get down from the table if you want.

Miles: Yes, Ella. You don’t have to get presents from Santa!

Kirstin: Have you seen all the Christmas trees everywhere?

Tom: They’re putting them up all over London!

Georgia: This sauce is really yummy!

Kirstin: Miles, you’re so good with a knife and fork.

Miles: I know!

Kirstin: I have to say this chicken is rather good!

Miles: I have to say I would really love this chicken again!

Tom: This is all my favourite kinds of salt in one place; liquid salt, parmesan salt and salt that goes oink! I don’t really like anchovies so they don’t really count.

Kirstin: They’re not in here, so they can’t count anyway!

Tom: And salt! I think I might need seconds of this!

Kirstin: Another hit from Jamie! he just gave this book the wrong title, that’s all! It should have been More 30 minute meals. I would have been SO impressed if this had been in the previous book.

Ella: Or Jamie could have used a time turner! That would have worked!

Kirstin: Brilliant idea, Ella!

“Chicken pasta Herby 6-Ragu” from “Jamie’s 15 minute meals”

One thought on ““Chicken pasta Herby 6-Ragu” from “Jamie’s 15 minute meals”

  1. Georgia says:

    I’ve thought the same through all these recipes! Frankly, if you only have 15 mins to prepare, I would rather spend 2 minutes making an omelette or 5 minutes putting something in the slow-cooker in the morning rather than racing through a full recipe. This sounds yummy. Viva salt.

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