“Blackened Chicken San Fran Quinoa Salad” from “Jamie’s 15 Minute Meals”

Peter: My, what a lot of washing up. And we seem to have produced something Mr Burns would be proud of in this bowl.

Anna: What, no serving platter presentation?

Peter: No. We ran out of worktop space shortly after the feta cheese.  Does this dish really require cress?

Anna: I think you’re suggesting there’s too many ingredients. And I do agree that the cress is barely noticable. How long did it take you to cook?

Peter: 27 minutes. After everything had been assembled into a single place. So plus 5.

Anna: And did you find it an easy and accessible recipe, given you aren’t the most frequent cook?

Peter: I think Jamie is setting himself up for a fall describing these recipes as 15 minutes. If they were 30 minutes you’d be pleasantly surprised. But 15 minutes seems unachievable unless you want to eat pink chicken and a whole avocado.

Anna: And be happy to live with a kitchen that’s turned into a bombsite. I think the salad itself tastes ok, but it’s a bit like our superfood salad we make which is easier and quicker.

Peter: It was ok, I like all the component parts but I don’t think it works as a whole. I’m not bothered about having it again.

“Blackened Chicken San Fran Quinoa Salad” from “Jamie’s 15 Minute Meals”

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