“Nigellissima” – Our Verdict

Maureen: Oh, Nigella, how we love you.

Anna: Of course we do. Everyone loves Nigella.

Maureen: This is a very good book. It’s not my favourite of hers– “Feast” is still holding on to that title– but it’s very good just the same.

Anna: For the read alone it was wonderful. And the recipes were better than I expected. Shame on me.

Maureen: I’ve already made several things twice, which is a real testament to the cookbook. Some of the winners were sausage meatballs, fake risotto, nutella cheesecake and banana bread. I made the meatzza again too. This time, Andrew liked it more than the first time around, but Tim was not a convert. There were even several recipes that we tried that I didn’t even blog about. As far as I’m concerned, that’s always the mark of a good book. Which recipes did you like best?

Anna: Well I’m doing the pork loin again this weekend. The chicken and peppers next week, and definitely the mackerel pasta and Venetian stew are going to be made again. In fact this book is staying in the kitchen next to the cookbook stand for the time being because there are other recipes I want to try.

Maureen: This one is definitely a keeper. I also was happy to see that she toned down the “caricature of herself” bit of the television series. Not as much licking of the fingers this time. Hooray!

Anna: Lovely Nigella.

“Nigellissima” by Nigella Lawson: Our Conculsion

  • Overall Grade (A- F): A- (Maureen) A very good cookbook from Nigella– again– but not authentic Italian recipes. B (Anna)
  • Best recipes: Italian Sausage Meatballs and the Italian Breakfast Banana Bread (Maureen) Pork Loin, Chicken with Peppers and Venetian Stew (Anna)
  • Grade for Photography (A-F): A
  • Any disasters? Pasta Rosa was pretty dull.
  • Bookshelf or Charity Shop Donation? Bookshelf. (Maureen is even going to put it on her high-rotation shelf).
“Nigellissima” – Our Verdict

2 thoughts on ““Nigellissima” – Our Verdict

    1. annastamour says:

      They do! When we first looked through the book we weren’t too convinced either, but we all keep coming back to it. In fact, my mother did the turkey, romanesco, potatoes and raddicio salad for Thanksgiving on Sunday and it was delicious!

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