“Ruby-red Plum and Amaretti Crumble” from “Nigellissima”

Anna: When did you make this Kirstin?

Kirstin: Last night, when I made that roast chicken and pepper recipe again.

Anna: And what was your verdict?

Kirstin: I wished the plums had been riper, but that’s not Nigella’s fault.

Anna: I didn’t have very ripe plums either, but it didn’t seem to matter. It may have been because I cooked the plums earlier and they sat in their sugary, buttery juices for a few hours.

Kirstin: They looked beautiful didn’t they?

Anna: They did indeed. And I’m a sucker for amaretti biscuits so I loved the crumble.

Kirstin: Do you think a splash of alcohol in the plums would have been good?

Anna: I was just about to say that. Amaretto. Yum yum yum.

  1. NickkiT said:

    This looks so good. I have some plums and amaretti biscuits so I think this will be my pudding tonight! :-)

    • annastamour said:

      You must! Just make sure you have some icecream or custard to cut through the richness. It’s lush.

      • NickkiT said:

        My plans were thwarted when my children ended up eating all the plums lol :-) But I will definitely be making this. Loving Nigelllissima, some great recipes.

      • annastamour said:

        Yes, it really has turned out to be a great book!

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