“Squid and Prawns with Chilli and Marjoram” from “Nigellissima”

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Anna: Nigella suggests you serve this with black ‘venere’ Italian rice. I remember she had a previous recipe that called for this rice, maybe in Kitchen, I’m not sure. And I couldln’t find it anywhere. Until I stumbled on it in an hypermarch in France and bought 3 boxes. The problem is, as I recall now, I don’t actually like it that much.

Peter: Why is it black? Does it have squid ink in it?

Anna: No, I just think it’s black rice. So it’s probably very good for you. It makes the dish look very dramatic, which is the point I think.

Peter: It tastes ok to me. It compliments the seafood. I don’t think basmati would be the same.

Anna: It certainly has more bite than normal rice. But what we should discussing is the fish. What do think?

Peter: It was quite a small portion for me. Maybe it could be bulked up with some other fish?

Anna: It would be easy to do more squid and that’s always filling. It was definitely very light and I always like the combination of chilli, garlic and lemon. You can’t go wrong really. But this recipe is not rocking my world.

Peter: Another underwhelming recipe from Nigella?

Anna: It’s perfectly fine, and maybe it’s the rice that’s putting me off. She suggests serving it with pasta too which I think would work better.

“Squid and Prawns with Chilli and Marjoram” from “Nigellissima”

6 thoughts on ““Squid and Prawns with Chilli and Marjoram” from “Nigellissima”

  1. Era3 says:

    I loved reading this and then last night Nigella made it on the show – I agree that black rice will never do it for me. Just wondering – since you seem to be fans of squid, do you have a favourite squid recipe?

    1. annastamour says:

      That’s a really good question! It has made me think hard, and I have to say that it is the Grilled Squid with Chilli recipe from the River Cafe Cookbook. You can read about it here. It is so simple and if the squid is good and fresh it’s perfect.

  2. Era3 says:

    Great – one to try! I also have my eye on this Nigel one: http://www.guardian.co.uk/lifeandstyle/2012/oct/07/nigel-slater-bean-pulse-recipes (that is, if you have forgiven him for Tender yet?!). Thanks for the blog – I really enjoy reading it and find it very inspiring for my weeknight cooking. Also, if I’m cooking for friends, I can sometimes feel a bit of pressure to make it perfect (!) but have now adopted your method of presenting a dish from a cookbook and getting friends to ‘review’ it (rather than to review me!). It’s great and has got me cooking more, wtih more fun. So thanks!

    1. annastamour says:

      That’s really kind of you. I’m so pleased that our blog has inspired you to try more things and cook more. That was why we started it as we found that we weren’t cooking that much from the numerous books we were buying. It’s fun to give things a go that you wouldn’t normally, and our friends and family enjoy being part of experiment! Keep us posted on how you are doing… x

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