“Squid Spaghetti” from “Nigellissima”

Peter: Another fishy pasta! Are we on the fishy pasta chapter or does she do other things?

Anna: Surely it’s better than ‘tin of beans’ month?

Peter: I’m not saying I mind a fishy pasta.

Anna: That’s good, because we’re having more fishy pasta this weekend! Do you like this?

Peter: Yes. Another way with squid. It wasn’t chewy. It was very tender.

Anna: Nigella’s way with the squid in this recipe is genius. You just stir it through the sauce at the end to warm through. It beats having to fry the squid seperately, which is usually required, risking it toughening. Plus it’s a stage that can be quite time-consuming. This definitely works.

Peter: Well I’m up for having this again. Time for a trip to the seaside to get some fresh squid!

“Squid Spaghetti” from “Nigellissima”

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