“Chilli Crab Risotto” from “Nigellissima”

Anna: This looks very appetising. I love the picture the picture in the book, and ours has turned out exactly the same!

Peter: It’s a nice, light risotto. It tastes kind of summery, but maybe that’s the crab.

Anna: It is light. No butter, no cheese, just a little bit of olive oil at the beginning of the process. But it’s lovely and creamy anyway.

Peter: Is this authentically Italian, or has she made it up?

Anna: Funny you ask that. She has done this recipe as linguine previously in Forever Summer. And so confesses in the introduction that she’s basically turned it into a risotto for this book. I love crab spaghetti and crab linguine as you know. We’ve had Nigella’s, we’ve had Bill’s, Lucas Hollweg’s, the River Cafe’s and Angela Hartnett’s. So I had to make this.

Peter: Where does this rank?

Anna: Well this is a risotto, not pasta, so I can’t compare it directly. But what I will say is that while this is delicious, I do prefer it as a pasta-based dish. It’s quicker to make. And less heavy to eat.

“Chilli Crab Risotto” from “Nigellissima”

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