Cookbook of the month, October 2012, “Nigellissima: Instant Italian Inspiration”

Anna: I do like getting the new NIgella, if only for the read. It’s like a normal book to me, with the added benefit of recipes!

Maureen: Like a book you would read at bedtime?

Anna: More special than that. I carve out the time to read it. I took this book to bed while Louis had his nap and read it cover to cover.

Maureen: She is a really good writer. I always read the introductions to the recipes, which is unusual.

Anna: So what do you think?

Maureen: I’m always happy to get a new Nigella book. The recipes always work and usually are delicious. BUT she is slightly overexposed these days and has become a bit of a caricature.

Anna: Sadly I have to agree. I still love her though.

Maureen: Did you watch the show the other night?

Anna: I did. I felt it was gettng back to the old Nigella,… slightly less camp than she has been of late.

Maureen: The tagliata recipe was virtually the same as a recipe in Nigella Express. They all have a danger of repeating themselves.

Anna: That’s the problem when you’re bringing out a cookbook every year. But, what I’ll give Nigella is she positions the book in a certain way and she sticks to it. Consistently so. Whatever we think of the recipes you’ve got to appreciate that rigour.

Maureen: She’s certainly upfront about the fact these are twists on many of her previous recipes.

Anna: Exactly. Bring on the month!

Cookbook of the month, October 2012, “Nigellissima: Instant Italian Inspiration”

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