An Autumnal Feast from “Easy”.

Anna: To start let me tempt your tastebuds with white bean crostini. Would you like a trowel to serve this with?

Kirstin: It tastes deslish with the salsa verde though, don’t you think?

Anna. But without the salsa verde it would just be white bean cement. I don’t why I persevere with these white bean recipes. They always turn out the same.

Kirstin: Well look at my disastrous focaccia! Ho hum!

Anna: If we still have room for the next course, we are having pork ragu with herb pangrattato.

Kirstin: This is truly magnificent.

Anna: It is. And it was very easy; I cooked it yesterday and I think it’s benefitted soaking in the sauce all night. I was worried that it wouldn’t be saucy enough, but I think it worked.

Kirstin: Would you make it again?

Anna: I think I would for a dinner party. It’s not an everyday pasta. It’s a special pasta.

Kirstin: But an easy one at that! And for dessert, we have the flourless chocolate cake.

Anna: This is yum, yum, yum. Moist in the middle and chewy macaroony on the outside.

Kirstin: I was a bit worried when he didn’t use a bain-marie to melt the chocolate. And rightly so, even though I kept my eye on the pan, I still burnt some of the chocolate. And then my oven burnt the top of the cake.

An Autumnal Feast from “Easy”.

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