“Spiced Calamari and Chickpeas” from “Easy”

Peter: Wow. That’s a big pile of chickpeas. Would you like to inflate this hot air balloon?

Anna: You don’t chickpeas as an excuse. It’s not just chickpeas anyway. There’s a very large amount of squid here too.

Peter: Yes, I like this. I see we have another Asian-type recipe from Bill. It looks Asian. It’s on a lettuce leaf.

Anna: Actually it has ras el hanout and preserved lemons in it. So it’s more North African than Asian really.

Peter: I guess that would explain the chickpeas. But not the squid. Is it a fusion?

Anna: I suppose so, yes. Did you actually like it?

Peter: Yes. It was light but wholesome.

Anna: I think this is a very interesting way to do squid. And I’m always looking for new ways to do squid.

Peter: But was it “easy”?

Anna: Yes it was. First recipe a success!

“Spiced Calamari and Chickpeas” from “Easy”

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