“Hoisin Marinated Salmon and Chilli soy Tenderstem Broccoli” from “Easy”

Kirstin: So Ella, onto the food. What do you think of this?

Ella: It’s OK, and vaguely good. I actually like it quite a bit.

Kirstin: Why aren’t you eating it, then?

Ella: Because Evie’s nicking it!

Evie: The sauce tastes nice!

Miles: I don’t really like it.

Kirstin: Miles has scraped the sauce off all the pieces. But I would happily eat this every week. I’ve missed salmon.

Tom: Yes, this reminds of the old Bill salmon recipe we used to do every week. I would happily do this instead.

Kirstin: I think this is yummier.

Tom: If only there had not been so much destruction and devastation involved in making it.

Evie: What do you mean?

Ella: We were in Boots and mum dropped the black vinegar and the bottle broke on the white floor.

Miles: And they had to clean it up.

Kirstin: I helped!

Miles: Did not.

Kirstin: Then I had to fight through Olympic crowds to buy more of it.

Evie: I love this broccoli.

Kirstin: Good for you, Evie! Do you like the sauce?

Evie: It would taste good with sushi. I like sushi.

Tom: Our children won’t eat sushi.

Ella: Do you fry sushi?

Evie: You can have different kinds of sushi. It’s Japanese food. My dad took me to Benihana.

Ella: When mum dropped the bottle in Boots, there was the horrible smell of vinegar, mixed with the lovely smell of cosmetic products.

Kirstin: Then Miles told me it was the worst day ever, but the best McDonald’s ever. Probably because we did Olympic queueing. Strange children to like the McDonalds more than this! And I had such plans after reading my new food photography book about how I was going to photograph this. But I had forgotten the evenings get dark so quickly now. Next time, next time!


3 thoughts on ““Hoisin Marinated Salmon and Chilli soy Tenderstem Broccoli” from “Easy”

  1. Maureen Stapleton says:

    This looks a lot like the salmon from Bill’s Asian book. What’s the difference (other than the mad black vinegar)?

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