Cookbook of the month, September 2012, Easy by Bill Granger


Anna: I get so excited about new books by Bill! I want to take this book to bed and read it cover to cover.

Kirstin: We were going to blog about another book this month and then at the last minute, saw this book was out. It was a no-brainer!

Anna: This reminds me of two years ago when Bill’s Basics came out. And last year when the Asian book came out too. I get a wonderful feeling of contentment because I know that it’s going to be brilliant. I can already imagine cooking many three course meals for my friends from this book. And they will all be easy!

Kirstin: There are so many recipes I want to cook from this book too. Mikkel Vang is the photographer and I literally drool over his work. The subtle black and white images that dot through this book are so very wonderful too especially as there aren’t many doing monochrome in the world of food photography who can get away with it.


Anna: Will this be going next to your bed?

Kirstin: I have a bit of a deluge next to the bed at the moment, as I’m reading a book on how to do food photography and another on composition. But yes, when it’s not in the kitchen, I suspect it will be next to the bed. As for the recipes, I want to cook that pork one. What’s it called Anna?

Anna: Oh God, that pork…

Kirstin: Yes, that one.

Anna: I’m not telling you. I’m cooking it.

KIrstin: You are so not! That recipe is mine. You don’t even have a copy of the book yet. So bog off!


Cookbook of the month, September 2012, Easy by Bill Granger

5 thoughts on “Cookbook of the month, September 2012, Easy by Bill Granger

  1. Katherine says:

    Looking forward to this as I don’t have any of Bill’s books yet, but am thinking of getting one – don’t know which one yet though!

    1. annastamour says:

      We’re having a big Bill blow-out on Friday night, three courses to say goodbye to the book. And the pork is the star attraction!

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