“Food” – our verdict

Maureen: What did you think?

Anna: I loved this. As I predicted!

Maureen: While the recipes didn’t seem to reinvent the wheel, they were all pretty good. We didn’t have any disasters, and it had some really good options to try.  In fact some of the recipes were real winners. I’ve already made the courgette pasta dinner again, and the guacamole recipe is one I will definitely use again.

Anna: I ran out of time to try everything that I wanted to make. I will definitely be going back to some of the recipes I did, and also making some of the ones I didn’t.

Maureen: I have to say that our plan of being vegetarian did not go so smoothy. It was pretty short. In fact, it only lasted a day and a half, after we decided to go to Hawksmoor for lunch. Yes, I know the best steakhouse in London has vegetarian options, but I chose not to pursue those. It is genetically impossible for me to resist a steak. Yum!

Anna: I asked Peter if he was up for eating vegetarian for a week and I got a resounding ‘no’ in reply. But in the end we did eat about 80% vegetarian one week and he didn’t complain or even notice I think. Which is testament to this book. I didn’t miss meat at all, which I think is the McCartney veggie objective, so well done Mary.

Maureen: While my vegetarian experiement failed, the one thing this cookbook did do was it made me think more about the fruit and vegetables we do eat, and how we should eat more of them.

Anna: There were certainly more vegetables in our fridge this month than usual, and we’re not shy of a vegetable or two. This book was fab.

“Food” by Mary McCarthy: Our Conculsion

  • Overall Grade (A- F): B. A great vegetarian cookbook for everyday with very nice photographs.
  • Best recipes: Lemon and Courgette Spaghetti. (Maureen) Mexican Bean Tortilla (Anna)
  • Grade for Photography (A-F): A. Beautiful photography. Kirstin gave her additional points for the fact that she uses film, not digital.
  • Any disasters? No.
  • Bookshelf or Charity Shop Donation? Bookshelf.
“Food” – our verdict

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